Praise for Fanny Friendly

See what some of our customers have said about us

Rick E. (Oconomowoc, WI)

Hi Gail,

I have tried using your hand-held bidet product and it's great, although it may take the Americans an adjustment period to get used to not using toilet paper.

I personally like the product. I hope it catches on fire.


Serge (Boonton, NJ)

Hi bro!

I wrote a check for 3 sets and please mail them to my home. It will be a great alternative for toilet paper.

I will need you to come visit me so you can install them for me.

God bless.


Hi Mama Bailey,

Please send me 2 sets to Virginia. I will have Amir install them for me.


Jolene (Madison, WI)

Hi Gail,

My husband and I were at the Dane County Fair and bought your product. I am emailing you about this for a couple of reasons.

I want to tell you how much we LOVE this product. We can't imagine living without it. I have heartily recommended it and have distributed the flyers you gave me. We are so glad we came back to your booth and purchased this.

Thank you for a fantastic product.

Play on,

Phillip Edward B.

I like the warm water when I use your bidet, and I specially like the toilet bowl night light so I don’t trip and fall.

Khalilah Camacho Ali (former wife of Mohammed Ali, the Boxing Champ)


Dear Gines,

Thank you so very much. I received my hand held bidet. It’s fantastic. It was heaven sent. I want to shout out to the whole wide world about this bidet. WOW! Thank you again!